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Emotional Games Awards !

12 February 2016

Emotional Games Awards

Each day some of us cry while watching a movie or series on TV, others do it by reading a book. Every day some of us will feel empathy for the tragedies in the world. But how many among us today will cry facing the tragedy lived by a video game character ? This is because we believe there is a different path for the video game, a more emotional way, that we have created the Emotional Games Awards. Our hope ? Tomorrow video games will create more empathy and passion, than fear, stress or surprise.
Here in our scientific Lab we work in a close way with internationals Video Games Studios and companies to make this dream come true ! The Emotional Games Awards are the first award given to video game companies and professionals in our industry to specifically reward the quality of the emotions produced in this medium. This is a fantastic opportunity to move the lines ! We hope you will join us for this wonderful adventure !

Dr. Erik GESLIN Emotional Games Awards founder.

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