Emotional Games Awards’ Submission Form
Rules and Guidelines 2018
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General Information
Billing and Fees
  • 1 to 2 games: 90 Euros per game
  • 3 to 5 games: 70 Euros per game
  • 6 games and over: 50 Euros per game
The companies receive an invoice after their submissions have been approved by the administrative office EmotionalgamesAwards. The invoice specifies the terms of payment. Submissions will be considered confirmed once payment has been made.
Video Game Submission
Any game is eligible as long as it has been, or will be, released on the market between February, 13 2016 and June, 30 2018
Entrants asked to propose up to three individuals to be listed as nominees should the game be nominated. The names must be separated by commas, in this form: Firstname. Lastname, Firstname. Lastname, …
You are asked to supply a synopsis about the game, this needs to be a factual description of the game and not refer to any previous awards, nominations or wins.

Where the minimum number of entries in any category is not reached, the Advisory Board, at its discretion, may choose not to present any of the above awards at the Games Awards ceremony, and may announce fewer nominations. The Advisory Board is the arbiter of all category eligibility. Please note that the game can be entered in to a maximum of 4 categories.

It remains only for you to validate this form for the next step, you can resend if you chose to present several video games.
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